Starting in Tokyo in 2016
2018年11月 株式会社化

Unit of Melon Uminekozwa & Kyo Tumuki

▼海猫沢めろん(Melon Uminekozawa) 文筆業(Author)

I’m! ! !


▼ツムキキョウ(Kyo Tumuki) ゲーム作家(gamecreater)

Taito’s “Laughing Life Theater 2” stabbed at a strange angle at elementary school lower grade,
Since then, continuing to play “Takeshi no Sengoku na Kocho” “My Life My Love” alone, become Sugoroku brain.

Elegantly opening up to interpersonal skull rookie encountered at the time of the upper grade and fun with the friends as “sky restaurant” “tower dream”, but since “Culdcepto”, supply of this genre is too little Remember, finally participated in the game market at last by tracing teacher Mai Kokusawa Teraro sensei.

The most favorite board game “Tower Dream 2”
MAP of the most favorite Tower Dream 2 “7 side Chiquitiqui Island”
My favorite Toward Rim 2 company “Mario Birth”

Thank you.